why a virtual assistant ?

About us

Time is the most precious treasure, don't waste it! 
Leave the administrative tasks to us, so you can do what your best at!

If you need help...

… because

  • you are in over your head on things

  • does not win the administration alone

  • administration takes too much time from actual work

  • you do not need a full-time secretary

  • you are just starting to build a new business and do not want to maintain a complete office


    Feel free to contact us!



Why work with us?

… because


  • no employer obligations: contributions and benefits
  • no office rental and operating costs
  • no time and cost of learning; you pay only for the work performed and not for working time; and while we work, you can work on the really important tasks
  • we sign a contract of engagement with each of our clients
  • free trial work available upon request

Why choose us?

… because

  • we choose from more than 50 colleagues the most suitable assistant for your company and the task you required to be done
  • all our colleagues are highly trained professionals
  • our colleagues speak at least 5 different languages – so we can help in foreign language as well
  • we’re continously expanding our database to recommend the best candidate
  • we regularly monitor/check all projects
  • we do quality work and pay attention to deadlines
  • we guarantee our work
  • free trial work is also available upon request
  • you only pay for the work done
  • we guarantee complete confidentiality
  • in case of urgent, time-limited work, we are available on weekends

How we work

Ask for an offer by e-mail or phone before we start working
together. When preparing the offer, prior consultation will
be required regarding the tasks to be outsourced.
The consultation can be done by phone, Skype, Viber or
in person. This is important so that we know in detail the
task, the corporate governance in which you work.
After that, we will discuss the work in detail as well as your
expectations and needs. We will discuss the deadline,
the fee and the payment schedule.
Once we have found the most appropriate solution for 
everyone, working together can begin.


In all cases, we work with an Agency Contract and sign a Privacy Statement before commencing work,
so full discretion is guaranteed!
At the end of a project or during regular work, we ask our clients several times to evaluate the work of our colleagues. 
This also ensures that we work only with the best colleagues.


With Messenger, Skype, Email, Phone, Viber, we still have a
lot of potential through technology.
We will negotiate the best solution for you and our
chosen colleague!


We monitor / check every project regularly! 
So there are no negligent colleagues and missed deadlines.
We only work with people who do quality work and who
meet deadlines.
If the committed project is not completed until deadline 
due to our fault, you will not have to pay anything.

Should there be any quality objection to the work entrusted
to us, we will consult you and work to correct the error
as soon as possible (within a maximum of 48 hours).
If you are still not satisfied with the final result after the
correction, please let us know in writing within 5 days.
We will refund any fees you may have paid or you do not
have to pay anything. (Hence our works may be subject to
copyright, you will not be able to use the completed
work in this case.)