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How can I pay?

The fee of the completed work can be paid by wire transfer.

In case of individual / project assignment you have 8 days after the completion of the work.In the case of a regular assignment, you can pay monthly by wire transfer.

Are there any extra costs?

the case of works for which a third party has to be paid. In such a case, a quotation is made upon your specific request in consultation with the subcontractors. Any individual printing, packing, mailing, shipping, special material purchase costs are not included in the rates. These will be billed according to individual agreement.There are additional costs for urgent and extremely short-term works or evening and weekend work, which are always agreed upon before work begins.

Who is a virtual assistant and how can she help?

A virtual assistant is a person who provides administrative assistance to entrepreneurs.Highly qualified virtual assistants can take over all the
administrative tasks that will take up a lot of your time and energy. You can spend that valuable time on running and developing your business.

Why is it worthwhile to outsource your tasks to a virtual assistant?
An employee costs a lot. You not only have to pay her monthly salary and contributions, but you also have to provide the equipment (computer, legitimate 
programs, printer, phone, etc.) and training to do the job. In case of vacation or sickness, she has to be replaced, and she must be paid overtime for
weekend and evening work. It's all a lot of extra costs.
In addition, she can not be entrusted with multiple positions. A secretary cannot be expected to be a professional in administration, but also in accounting,
copywriting, SEO, translation, graphic work. However, for a business to succeed, it has to do a myriad of tasks. A Virtual Assistant is the solution.
Virtual Assistant is a cost effective solution. You only have to pay for the work done, which can be a one-time, project-based or even a regular assignment. 
There is no need to maintain a separate office, employ more people for multiple tasks, pay monthly wages, contributions, incentive bonuses. You only spend
as much as you need on a monthly basis for assistance.
I am reluctant to disclose confidential business information. Can I trust the virtual assistant?
Naturally. Before starting any work, we sign a confidentiality agreement, as we know that trust is the foundation of a good business relationship. 
We will never, under any circumstances, breach this.
If I do not meet my assistant every day, how can we communicate?
Fortunately, impossible is not part of our work today. Communication can be easily done via phone, e-mail, Skype, Messenger, Viber.